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by Bogusia Lewitowicz

Bogusia Lewitowicz, a Polish artist with an atypical background, revisits the work of glass every day and brings the stained glass decorations up to date in the most varied interiors. Whether it is its “Tiffany” stained glass windows tinged with a light art deco accent or its fusings with more contemporary influences, each creation by Bogusia is unique.

Her artistic sensibility: the story of a lifetime

Bogusia Lewitowicz began her career in the entertainment industry, in the shadow of the actors, creating in turn wigs, stage costumes and make-up at the Grand Theater in Warsaw. A few years later, the hazards of life lead her to France. She ended up settling in Normandy where she devoted herself to the art of floral compositions. In 2004, Bogusia finally fulfilled her long-standing dream by opening her own stained glass workshop. It is from these  rich and varied experiences and journeys to the four corners of the planet that Bogusia draws her inspiration.

Creations & artist's spirit

An independent artist, Bogusia Lewitowicz performs all the stages of the production of her creations herself mastering the smallest details. From the selection of glass from France, Poland and or United States, to the final welding and the outline of the project, Bogusia leaves nothing to chance. This very controlled use of glass, whether by appropriating its nuances or by transforming it at very high temperatures, has become the signature of her creations.

 Tailor-made for you

The spirit of applied art lives in Bogusia creations. They adapt perfectly to the most modern and original interiors because her realizations are the result of the meeting between the imagination of a customer and the know-how of Bogusia. In doors, windows or tableware, Bogusia declines in many ways her creativity and explores every day new technical possibilities.

A mixture of techniques reflecting her personality

Bogusia masters two completely different techniques of glass working. On one hand, Bogusia creates stained glass decorations with the “Tiffany” technique invented by Louis Comfort Tiffany at the end of the 19th century. This technique, unlike the lead technique often used for stained glass in churches, allows a more relief work and a use of much smaller fragments. On the other hand, Bogusia creates fusings, the principle of which is to assemble by superposition of pieces of cold-glued glasses, then to bring the whole in an oven to its melting point to form a single homogeneous piece. This versatility allows her to share with us all the facets of her artistic sensitivity.

A discreet talent among the glass-making masters, Bogusia Lewitowicz never ceases to amaze an ever wider audience through her exhibitions by presenting new creations straight out of her workshop in Normandy.

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